Chinese client orders year supply of ADVANCE COAT™

ADVANCE COAT™ is Stamicarbon’s coating composition solution for improving urea prill stability. Easily applied as an additive coating, ADVANCE COAT™ increases the moisture resistance of urea prills which dramatically improves handling and storage properties. Its water soluble components make it a sustainable solution compared to many organic solvent based alternative coatings. On top of that ADVANCE COAT™ is easier and cheaper to apply than urea formaldehyde, making it a cost-effective, safe and crop-friendly solution.

In early 2019, Stamicarbon performed a small ADVANCE COAT™ test at a client in Lutianhua, China. The client was very satisfied with the test results and made another trial order of 60 tons of ADVANCE COAT™. The client was so happy with the anti-caking performance of the trial product that they decided to sign a year-contract of 300 ton Advance Coat™.

Advance Coat

Stamicarbon also performed a test at the plant site of another client, located in Jianfeng, China. This client was looking for a flexible and easy-to-use anti-caking product that can be used only when needed, for example during the summer months when humidity is at the highest. This client was also so impressed about the ADVANCE COAT™ test outcome of 20 tons that they ordered another 20 tons of ADVANCE COAT™.

“With such good results and a big yearly order as a reference for the Chinese market, we expect to have more sales of ADVANCE COAT™ in China in the future,” said ADVANCE COAT™ China area sales manager, Shengmei Zhu.

With ADVANCE COAT™ clients can be certain to have assured quality from an out-performing product.

Advance Coat