High-pressure stripper made from Safurex® delivered for a client in China

High-pressure stripper delivered for China Blue ChemicalsA brand new high-pressure stripper made from Safurex® has reached Stamicarbon’s client China Blue Chemicals to replace their existing equipment, which has reached its end of life. The 2700 mtpd urea plant in Dongfang, Hainan, is based on Stamicarbon’s Pool Condenser Design, part of the LAUNCH MELT™ series, and has been in operation since 2003. 

“The original equipment in the client’s plant was preventing it from achieving 100% capacity. That’s why we offered the client a technical solution to improve plant performance and, therefore, their market competitiveness by using the equipment replacement opportunity in Safurex®,” said Juan Lian, Sales and Solutions Manager at Stamicarbon. “I believe they chose Stamicarbon for upgrading their equipment because of the well-known high corrosion resistance of Safurex® combined with our unique urea process know-how.” 

The Stamicarbon stripper features the latest design including Safurex® Star* heat exchanger tubes and Safurex® Degree° liquid dividers. Furthermore, Stamicarbon also offered a process study and performance guarantee as the total equipment replacement package.