New NCIC stripper ready and awaiting shipment



With planned capacity of 1050 mtpd, the urea melt plant will be part of a major new fertilizer complex for Egyptian chemical and fertilizer manufacturer El Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals (NCIC). Stamicarbon’s client is Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (tkIS), who will realize the project as part of a consortium with Egyptian company PETROJET.

Stamicarbon Project Manager, Peter Lang, said the project was running smoothly, with all equipment on schedule.

Erfan Afrasiabi (Senior Expediter, Procurement) also highlighted the “teamwork and determination” to deliver on the client’s expectations. “I’m really happy because we can now literally touch the results and all the effort put in by the team,” he said, referring to the completed stripper. “We did a lot of expediting to be sure that all materials would be delivered right on time. Even with high shop load and the impact of COVID-19, and remote expediting and inspections, the stripper was ready exactly on time.”

The project team is excited to execute the next phase of this project.