On April 17 and 18, 2018 Stamicarbon organized a technical seminar in Xi'an, Shaanxi in China to meet the local producers and inform them on the state-of-the-art urea technologies that Stamicarbon is offering.

China has always been an important market for fertilizer production, due to its large population and volume. Stamicarbon has a strong track record in China. Since 1963 Stamicarbon has licensed 30 grass root urea plants and have realized 9 revamp projects. 

Today Chinese fertilizer production is under the pressure of stricter environmental regulations and closures of old and inefficient plants, thereby offering opportunities for the implementation of new plants with state-of-art technology and revamps of existing plants to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

This 2-day seminar informed the Chinese producers about the latest technology developments in decreasing energy and operational cost, reducing emissions, plant revamping options, improving product quality and developments in better corrosion resistant materials. Besides the technical content there was also room for socializing and networking.