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Stami Digital
Stamicarbon signs a technological partnership agreement with Sprana Ltd.

Stamicarbon and Sprana signed the technological cooperation agreement to co-develop Process Analytic Technology (PAT) solutions for Nitrogen Industry processes. Cooperation between the leading urea licensor from the Netherlands and the near-infrared (NIR) applied spectroscopy experts from Lithuania will bring Industry 4.0 innovations into the nitrogen fertilizer industry and, in particular, the urea process.

Largest Stamicarbon-licensed plant starts up in Brunei
Largest Stamicarbon-licensed plant successfully starts up in Brunei

Stamicarbon is celebrating the successful start-up of Brunei Fertilizer Industries (BFI)’s new urea melt plant in Brunei. With a nameplate capacity of 3900 mtpd, the plant is the largest to be licensed by Stamicarbon to date. It utilizes Stamicarbon’s LAUNCH MELT Pool Condenser Design, with the complete synthesis section in Safurex® stainless steel.

OTS Setup
Operator Training Simulator for Stamicarbon’s Ultra-Low Energy urea process to be realized in Gemlik, Turkey

The tailor-made Operator Training Simulator for Stamicarbon’s Ultra-Low Energy urea process will be used to train operators of the Gemlik Gübre’s urea melt and granulation plant in Gemlik, Turkey, planned to be in operation in 2023. The high-fidelity OTS will help understand the dynamic behavior of the urea melt and granulation plant and simulate upset conditions in a digital environment to safely and effectively prepare operators for emergencies.

Advance Coat
Another yearly order of ADVANCE COAT™ Prill Strength signed with a Chinese client

Last year, Stamicarbon signed the first one-year supply agreement with a client in China for ADVANCE COAT™ Prill Strength, Stamicarbon’s coating composition solution for strengthening urea prill stability. Satisfied with the good anti-caking performance of ADVANCE COAT™, the client has recently signed another one-year contract with Stamicarbon.

Kettle-type high-pressure carbamate condenser
First kettle-type high-pressure carbamate condenser from Safurex® delivered for ammonia stripping urea plant

Stamicarbon delivered the first kettle-type high-pressure (HP) carbamate condenser from Safurex® for ammonia stripping urea plant in North America. The client can expect a longer vessel lifetime due to the Safurex® material, which is resistant to the most common types of corrosion in HP equipment. 

Pool reactor on the way to Shchekinoazot
Safurex® high-pressure equipment has arrived in Russia

Another Safurex® high-pressure stripper and pool reactor have been completed on time and arrived in Russia to be installed in JSC Shchekinoazot’s new 2000 mtpd urea melt and granulation plant located in Shchekino, Tula Region in Central Russia.

Remote commissioning using Microsoft HoloLens
Stami Digital tests remote commissioning using mixed reality technology

Taking another big step towards fertilizer industry digitalization, Stamicarbon tested the use of mixed reality technology for the remote commissioning of an N/C Meter in a urea plant.

Sustainability, innovation
Stamicarbon is in top 10 most innovative companies in the Netherlands in 2021

Stamicarbon is among the ten companies shortlisted for the Dutch Innovation Award 2021, the prize awarded to the most innovative company in the Netherlands each year. 

Green plant
The First Green Ammonia Plant to be Developed in the US Midwest Will Be Based on Stamicarbon's Technology

Stamicarbon will provide its Stami Green Ammonia technology for the development of the first 240 mtpd green ammonia plant in the US Midwest, working alongside NextChem and MET Development on the first of Greenfield Nitrogen LLC's green ammonia facilities to be located in the US Corn Belt.