News updates

Advance Coat
Chinese client orders year supply of ADVANCE COAT™

A Stamicarbon client in China has signed a one year contract for 300 tons of ADVANCE COAT™. ADVANCE COAT™ is Stamicarbon’s coating composition solution for improving urea prill stability. With ADVANCE COAT™ clients can be certain to have assured quality from an out-performing product.

Envirocare Scrubber 1
First time outside USA: Technology to cut urea dust emissions delivered to Russian Federation

The MicroMist™ Venturi (MMV) Scrubber, advanced technology for ultra-low emissions in urea production, has been delivered outside the United States for the first time. The patented MMV Scrubber is advanced wet scrubbing technology developed and optimized by Stamicarbon and EnviroCare International engineers.

Simulator training_new
Urea plant simulator implemented with cloud solution

Stamicarbon has taken another step forward by developing a urea plant simulator with cloud solution (made with Protomation technology), enabling operator training to be performed remotely. This allows Stamicarbon to gain a deeper understanding of plant process dynamics, which in turn leads to process improvements, knowledge feedback and improved start-up training for operators.


Volgafert news
Urea high pressure equipment loaded and on route to Russia

The last piece of high pressure equipment for our client, Volgafert, – the HP Scrubber - left SBN’s Ternitz workshop in Austria on the 28th of June and joined the project’s HP Stripper and Pool Reactor at the port of Antwerp. The three pieces were loaded on the ship together and are currently on route to their final destination in Tolyatti in the Russian Federation.

Ultra Low Energy reactor
First Ultra-Low Energy Reactor ready for transport

We are proud to announce that the first Ultra-Low Energy reactor ever designed, is now ready for transport to its client Jiujiang Xinlianxin Fertilizer Co., Ltd (XLX) in China. The reactor for a urea plant with a capacity of 2334 MTPD is manufactured by Belleli, Italy.

KIMA news picture
Urea plant of KIMA in Egypt successfully in operation

Recently the performance test of the new built ammonia-urea complex of Egyptian Chemical & Fertilizers Industry – KIMA was successfully completed and the plants were handed over to the customer. This was a joint project of Tecnimont as EPC contractor and Stamicarbon as urea technology licensor, two sister companies within the Maire Tecnimont Group.

NCIC news item
New NCIC stripper ready and awaiting shipment

The first piece of high-pressure equipment for NCIC’s new urea melt plant in Egypt has been finalized on time. The stripper was completed on Wednesday (May 20th) at Schoeller-Bleckmann Nitec GmbH (SBN) in Austria, and will be stored at an SBN shop, while it awaits shipment.

Block-In news picture
Stamicarbon sets a new standard with one-month block-ins

Stamicarbon’s Launch Melt™ Design Pool Reactor, together with Safurex® equipment, give urea plant owners the benefit to block-in for a month without issues (while a longer block-in period is also possible). The advantage is that urea plants don’t need to be drained (emptying of the synthesis sections) anymore in case of upsets. Only a plant with a full Safurex® synloop and equipment can achieve long-term block-in.

10 Years Stamicarbon and Maire Tecnimont

Ten years have passed since Maire Tecnimont acquired leading urea technology licensor Stamicarbon from DSM in 2009. Since then, Stamicarbon has been fully integrated as the Innovation and License company of the Maire Tecnimont Group.