Products and services for non-Stamicarbon plants

Improving reliability and productivity of plants based on non-Stamicarbon technologies

Stamicarbon offers consultancy, products and services for non-Stamicarbon plants, optimizing the performance of urea plants and providing reliable solutions for sustainable plant operation.

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Digital Services

Digital services for plant optimization allow you to effectively train employees, improve plant safety and boost productivity.

Stami Digital solutions for non-Stamicarbon plants include: 

  • Remote guidance
  • Process monitoring
  • Automatic plant optimization
  • Process simulation

Stami DigitalProcess Monitor & Process Optimizer 

The Process Monitor calculates the plant’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and Soft Sensor Key Variables and presents the data via customizable dashboards. Using these dashboards, operators can take actions to maximize efficiency and increase production. 

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The Process Optimizer automates operator handling, steering the plant in the optimal direction based on the key parameters identified by the Process Monitor (e.g. N/C ratio) and applicable plant operation constraints. 

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Operator training simulator (OTS)

Stamicarbon can provide generic and plant-specific simulators for urea and granulation plants, as well as the adjacent technologies, such as for ammonia, nitric acid and UAN plants. Our high-fidelity OTS is based on proven thermodynamics and accurately reflects the behavior of the plant over its complete operating range, which is not possible to achieve with medium- or low-fidelity simulators. 

Advantages of an OTS:

  • Well-trained personnel 
  • Faster startup
  • Less unplanned shutdowns
  • Faster upset recovery time
  • Higher on-stream time
  • Lower emissions

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High-pressure equipment replacement

Replacement of any high-pressure (HP) vessel in urea synthesis is an opportunity to debottleneck the process.

Stamicarbon’s HP equipment from Safurex® steels allows to extend the lifetime of the most critical equipment, reduce maintenance and improve plant reliability. We offer:

High-pressure equipment replacementStamicarbon offers plant assessments before replacing HP equipment to determine whether a particular subject of replacement is a bottleneck. Based on that, Stamicarbon can implement modifications to increase process performance and apply a new design and dimensional provisions of the new vessel. 


HP carbamate condensers and HP stripper for the non-Stamicarbon CO2 stripping process 

Stamicarbon delivered two HP carbamate condensers and one HP stripper for Weihua Group’s urea plant in Weinan, Shaanxi province in China in 2020. Stamicarbon optimized the original equipment design to achieve maximum corrosion resistance and a long lifetime of the HP vessels. The HP stripper features liquid dividers in Safurex® Degree°, improving their corrosion resistance and extending their anticipated lifetime. Safurex® materials are immune to active corrosion in low (zero) oxygen synthesis, which gives the possibility to reduce or eliminate oxygen dosage by eliminating the air sparger and air auxiliary compressor.

Kettle-type carbamate condenser for the ammonia stripping process

In 2021 Stamicarbon delivered a kettle-type HP carbamate condenser from Safurex® for a client’s ammonia stripping urea plant in North America. The HP carbamate condenser was manufactured from Safurex® with more than 2000 U-tubes. The client can expect a significantly longer lifetime due to the Safurex® material. 

Inspections and plant maintenance

On request, we can offer tailor-made inspection plans for the critical equipment in your urea plant, as well as inspections of high-pressure piping.

Amongst others specific eddy current methods and inspection procedures are developed for accessing the corrosion in bimetallic and titanium stripper tubes. Also eddy current tests of duplex heat exchanger tubes other than Safurex® can be offered with the same high accuracy and reliability. 

InspectionsLearn more about our inspections: 

•    Equipment 
•    Piping 

Safety equipment

Radar level measurement 

Radar level measurement replaces radioactive level measurement in non-Stamicarbon plants, reducing health, safety, and environmental risks associated with the use of radioactive sources. 

Stamicarbon can install the radar instrument in new HP equipment or replace radioactive level measurement in existing equipment. Radar level measurement is suitable for high temperatures, making it also applicable in ammonia stripping plants. 

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Stamicarbon can perform replacement and repair of other equipment, including: 

•    HP piping
•    HP valves
•    Liquid dividers
•    HP mixing tees

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