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    Equipment supply

    Our Equipment Supply services combine our design and engineering competences with in-depth knowledge of the fabrication process More »

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    Avancore® urea process

    Our latest development is the Avancore® urea process, with a plant height reduced to just 25m. Avancore® urea process

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    Mega plant concepts

    Stamicarbon has developed a lower cost single line Mega Plant Concept that allows for 6000 mtpd. More »

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    Life Cycle Support

    Stay up-to-date and competitive during the complete operational life time of your urea plant thanks to our full life cycle support . More »

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    Radar Level measurement

    RADAR level measurement in the high pressure reactor and high pressure stripper. More »

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    Process control & optimization

    Sirius@Max® is Stamicarbon's leading APC technology specifically designed to optimize Stamicarbon urea plants. More »

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    Knowledge Center

    Keep up-to-date with the latest urea technologies. As the world’s leading urea authority we like to  share our insight and knowledge. More »

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    Safurex® allows for drastically reduced oxygen intake, lower corrosion rate, leading to longer lifetimes. More »

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Stamicarbon solutions are the accumulation of generations of high-quality research and in-depth knowledge of our customers' processes, requirements and operating practices. Around the world, over 250 urea plants have used or are currently using our technology. Our innovation is continuous: working in close cooperation with research institutes, suppliers to the urea business, and our licensees, we are constantly developing new technologies and upgrading our existing technologies. Stamicarbon's head office is in Sittard, The Netherlands. Our representative offices are in Beijing, China and Moscow, Russia.

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Latest news & updates

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    10-04-2014, 00:00 by Stamicarbon
    Sittard, The Netherlands, April 10 - Stamicarbon, the Licensing and IP Center of Maire Tecnimont Group, has signed a license agreement with Dakota Gasification Company for the constr... ...

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    20-01-2014, 00:00 by Stamicarbon
    Ammonia Kingisepp Plant: i) signed agreement for EPC direct negotiation; ii) Engineering Works already effective Ammonia Urea Nevinnomyssk Plant: Engineering Works already ef... ...

Knowledge Center & Urea Technologies

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    Full Life Cycle Support

    Many urea plants have been designed for a service life of around 20 years. Stamicarbon offers lifecycle support that helps extend the active life of the operation while increasing efficiencies. ...

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    NOx reduction

    Stamicarbon offers 32.5% urea-in-solution - often known as Ad Blue or DEF - for NOx reduction in diesel engines. As a licensor of urea technology, Stamicarbon is in an ideal position to develop a state-of-the-art solution not only taking into account the current regulations but also anticipating future developments and requirements. ...

We are the world's market leader in Urea Knowledge & Licensing

At Stamicarbon, we recognize the power of innovation. That's why the professionals in our Technology Department are always on the lookout for innovative ways to renew, improve and add to the portfolio of products that we offer our customers.

Urea & Sustainable technologies

To us, in business responsibility means creating a business environment where sustainable, environmentally friendly - and above all safe ly technologies are developed and implemented. 

Service & client support

We would love to hear from you how we can further improve our services to you.

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