A fully optimized urea plant has an extended life, increased output and optimized energy efficiency, conforms to the highest safety standards and exceeds environmental regulations.

Our ADVANCE series™ gives you a choice of products and services for increased optimal plant performance. The ADVANCE series™ ensures the smooth and efficient operation of your urea plant in five areas.

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Safurex® Services and Training

To ensure reliable operation and long-lasting results in our clients' urea plants we use Safurex® products. Safurex® is a family of super duplex steels consisting of different material propositions for various applications.

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Spare Parts

Safurex® Spare Parts Services

Stamicarbon is the official supplier of Safurex® Spare Parts. Our Safurex® spare parts are active corrosion-resistant and we arrange the delivery of the right spare parts at the right time.

Plant Maintenance Services

To ensure that your plant is always well maintained we offer a series of services in our INSPECT, DESIGN and MONITOR product ranges.

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ADVANCE DESIGN™ Equipment Relining

An alternative cost-effective solution to replacing High Pressure equipment.


ADVANCE INSPECT™ HP Equipment and Piping

Stamicarbon’s Urea plant inspection services that ensures the integrity of your equipment and determine the remaining service life of your plant's operation.



Our N/C Meter that improves control of the urea synthesis process and reaches its highest reactor efficiency by accurately and continuously measuring the N/C ratio.

leak detection

ADVANCE MONITOR™ Leak Detection System

Our leak Detection System that continuously monitor leaks in the lining of High Pressure equipment to ensure safe operation.  

Solutions for producing quality urea

Stamicarbon can support you in maintaining and improving your product quality, so you keep meeting and exceeding your clients' expectations.

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ADVANCE COAT™ Prill Strength

Stamicarbon's coating composition solution for strengthening urea prill stability.



Stamicarbon's corrosion inhibitor which prevents harmful corrosion of carbon steel under various conditions.

Launch Finish

ADVANCE DESIGN™ Prill Impact Strengthener

Our Prill Impact Strengthener that dramatically improves the mechanical strength of your urea pills through seeding and decreasing disintegration, dust formation and caking.

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ADVANCE DESIGN™ Prilling Bucket

Stamicarbon's high quality prilling bucket design.

HSE Services & Solutions

There are various potential hazards in a urea plant. We offer assistance and support with HAZOP studies to keep the risks under control. We can also assess your current plant and identify opportunities for reducing emissions by improving your operating procedures, modifying equipment design or introducing new technologies.

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ADVANCE HSE Products and Services

ADVANCE HSE™ Products and Services

Stamicarbon’s selection of HSE products and services that can make your plant safer and more environmentally friendly.


ADVANCE DESIGN™ Thermal Treatment Design

Stamicarbon's unique proprietary solution to design urea melt plants with zero ammonia emission in an environmental and cost friendly way.

Optimizing Process Operations and Control

We have developed a range of plant operation services to improve performance, production and energy consumption.

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Stamicarbon's Plant Assessment that evaluates the opportunities to increase capacity and/or decrease operational costs and/or decrease emissions.

process monitoring

ADVANCE INSIGHT™ Process Monitor

Our Process Monitor is a steady state on-line process model that includes Stamicarbon's state-of-the-art H&M balance, thermodynamic and kinetic urea models.


ADVANCE INSIGHT™ Plant Optimizer

Stamicarbon's real time urea process simulator for melt and granulation plants.

Staff Training & Support

We have developed training programs to keep you and/or staff up to date.

Who should attend our trainings:

  • Urea melt plant operators
  • Urea melt plant engineers
  • Urea production managers

Our tailor-made trainings:

  1. Operation & Technical
  2. Mechanical & Maintenance
  3. Simulator Training

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We have developed training programs to keep you and/or staff up to date. The trainings can be tailor-made to your specific needs. Get the most out of you staff and yourselves.

More from urea


Stamicarbon's LAUNCH series™ is a group of technologies, products and services that ensure an effective design and optimal development of a new urea plant. From the moment you start to investigate the possibilities of building a urea plant, there are several economic and technical choices to be considered. Stamicarbon will support you in this orientation phase and will be your partner throughout the whole journey of process design, project management through to plant start-up.


Our EVOLVE series™ provides you with the technology and solutions to upgrade your aging plant to the next level, once changes in circumstances require this. The EVOLVE series™ ensures your aging plant complies with changes in legislation and stays competitive by adapting to changes in market conditions. Last but not least, our EVOLVE series™ includes products and services such as plant assessments, revamp studies, process design and debottlenecking.


Full life cycle support by Stamicarbon